Important Change for our Students, by our Students


GPA & Student Leadership Group Chairman with members of the Student Leadership Group earlier this year in Belfast

During our Student Workshops in 2015 a number of key findings emerged, but one of the key stats was that 55% of our student members are experiencing financial difficulties.

In our student report “Never Enough Time” the issue of budgeting and financial management was consistent throughout all colleges and teams, meaning we had to look for possible solutions.

Over the past year we’ve been looking at ways to ease the burden on our members, and based on a recommendation from our Student Leadership Group, which was then passed by our National Executive Committee, we decided to look at our system of payment for our scholarship recipients.  It was then agreed that for the first time since the introduction of the student scholarships in 2008, we would make two-part payments to our students.

This week our student members all across the country are receiving the second instalment of their scholarship to coincide with their first semester of study.

When this idea was brought forward by the Student Leadership Group it was with the hope of making it much easier to budget for the academic year.  This is the first of many changes we aim to bring about for our student and general membership as we are acutely aware of the sacrifices and commitments they make throughout their playing careers.

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